Kenyan DJs Fire Back at Kriss Darlin After Controversial Remarks After Jahmby’s Death

Kenyan DJs have voiced their displeasure with reggae artist Kriss Darlin following his contentious remarks made shortly after the passing of Reggae MC Jahmby Koikai.

Kriss Darlin took to Instagram to lambast Kenyans for their failure to donate blood when Jahmby urgently required it, contrasting it with the swift tributes flooding social media after her demise.

In a post, Kriss Darlin wrote, “It’s now TIME to POST PICS with the DEPARTED but when she asked and needed BLOOD DONATIONS & HELP NOBODY POSTED PICS,” sparking a wave of criticism from fellow entertainers and the public alike.

Among the first to respond was DJ Xclusive, who criticized Kriss Darlin for his insensitivity, stating, “Sasa mnagate keep how people will mourn? Ahh surely 😒😒😒 people support in different ways sio kila mtu lazima atoe damu … there people who would pray for her, maybe send her an encouraging message … I’m sure this sounded smart when typing but it’s not.”

Publicist Anyiko Awoko also chimed in, emphasizing the importance of honoring Jahmby’s memory positively rather than dwelling on negativity: “Jahmby doesn’t deserve this weird comment. A lot of people and friends posted about the blood request and have in other instances. There are people who also help or have helped don’t post. Let’s just celebrate her and be positive. That’s what she would appreciate.”

The disappointment and frustration expressed in numerous comments echoed the sentiment. Hillas Hillary highlighted the personal nature of mourning and questioned Kriss Darlin’s perspective: “Disappointed you can even reason like that. For the last 17 years she has battled the disease wewe peke yako ndio ulimsupport ama unasema nini??? So we can’t mourn regardless?? Mourning is personal and a lot of people were championing for her always.”

DJ Moh Spice also joined in criticizing Kriss Darlin’s post, labeling it as irresponsible: “Such an irresponsible post….People help others in different ways, just because it’s not posted online doesn’t mean that it’s not happening…!!! Tenda Wema Nenda Zako.!! Smh! #Disappointed.”