Muranga : 77yr old  man dies in lodging after steamy session with girl aged 32 -

Muranga : 77yr old  man dies in lodging after steamy session with girl aged 32

On the evening of September 9th, a tragic incident occurred in muranga County, where a 77-year-old man named James was discovered lifeless at a lodging in muranga. Mr. james had been accompanied by a 32-year-old woman, and it is suspected that their encounter was of an intimate nature.

This unfortunate incident unfolded at Shammah Hotel in muranga town, at approximately 7 pm. The discovery was made by the hotel owner, who found Mr. Musili, in a state of undress, lifeless on the bed he had reserved for the evening.

During this distressing moment, a woman identified as Gladys Karimi, aged 32, was present in the room. She became understandably frightened and cried out for assistance when Mr. Musili began to weaken and ceased breathing.

Upon the arrival of the police at the scene, a thorough investigation was initiated. A search of Mr. Musili’s belongings yielded the discovery of 25 tablets suspected to be Viagra, a medication often associated with enhancing male sexual performance. Additionally, four empty sachets of these tablets were found on the table, suggesting that the deceased had consumed them before retiring to bed with Ms. Karimi.

As part of the ongoing inquiry, Mr. Musili’s remains have been transferred to the muranga funeral home, where a postmortem examination will be conducted to determine the exact cause of his passing. Further investigations are also underway to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.