Why Diana and Huzy Gospel artist Bahati Were Clout Chasing with Breakup Rumors

Yesterday, the online world buzzed with rumors suggesting a rift in the marriage of gospel artist Bahati and his wife Diana B, sparked by some controversial social media posts.

On Monday evening, Bahati took to Twitter (now known as X) and shared a photo of his wife alongside former Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a broken heart emoji. This post reignited previous accusations of Diana’s alleged romantic involvement with the football star, intensifying speculation about their relationship status.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bahati later posted a picture of his daughter, Mueni, and his ex-partner, Yvette Obura, at her graduation. The caption, “I wish I knew,” coupled with lyrics from Passenger’s song “Let Her Go,” hinted at potential regrets regarding his past decisions.

The cryptic nature of these messages fueled further speculation, leading many to speculate that Bahati might be reconsidering his choice to leave Yvette for Diana.

However, on Tuesday evening, it was revealed that Bahati and Diana were employing a publicity strategy to promote their new series, “The Bahatis,” on Netflix. The sensational posts were part of a calculated plan to generate interest in the show.

In an official statement, Bahati explained:

“We were the pioneers of the reality show concept with ‘Being Bahati’ on NTV, and now we’re making history as the first Kenyan family to feature in a Netflix reality series. All credit goes to our Lord Jesus Christ. IT’S OFFICIAL! THE FIRST KENYAN/EAST AFRICAN REALITY SHOW.”

Their strategic approach successfully garnered attention, paving the way for their groundbreaking achievement in the entertainment industry.