Francis Muriuri: Disabled Accountant Making Upto Ksh180,000 Per Month From Chicken Farming 

Known by many as Francis Wa Kuku, Muriuri is a resilient individual who has defied the odds to carve out a successful path as both a businessman and an accountant.

In a country where individuals born with disabilities are often subjected to pity or forced to beg on the streets, Muriuri’s narrative stands as a testament to courage, determination, and hard work. His inspiring journey has been featured on esteemed platforms such as Royal Media Services and LNN network, underscoring the significance of his remarkable story.

Early Life

Francis Muiruri, hailing from Gatanga, faced the challenges of being born with a disability resulting from polio. Abandoned by his father when he was just a week old, his mother assumed the responsibility of raising him amidst financial hardships.

Securing admission to a special school proved to be a financial challenge for the family. By Standard six, financial constraints forced him to discontinue attending the special school. At one point, the dire circumstances led his mother to express a wish for both of them to drown, ending their misery. However, Muriuri’s resilience and belief that everything happens for a reason became the guiding light. He taught himself to walk using tree branches and crutches, expressing a fervent desire to attend school. His mother approached a skeptical headteacher in their village, persuading him to give Muriuri a chance.

After completing primary school, financial constraints delayed his entry into high school. Despite initial setbacks in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, he persevered, eventually scoring a C- minus.

Tertiary Education and Progress

Lacking funds for college, Muriuri undertook odd jobs while caring for the family’s limited livestock. A fortuitous encounter with a benefactor paved the way for him to pursue an accounting course in Thika. Participating in a race organized by Standard Chartered Bank brought him recognition, catching the attention of the Kiambu governor. Muriuri expressed a desire for employment, leading to a successful interview and his subsequent role as an accountant for the Kiambu county government.

Empowered by his position, he secured a loan to build a house for his mother, acquired property, and established a business with his wife. Tragedy struck when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, depleting his finances. Despite taking out loans and seeking medical help, she passed away, leaving Muriuri and his sister behind.

Rising Again

Faced with considerable debts, Muriuri continued to persevere. A video posted online by his son, showcasing Muriuri caring for his chickens, caught the attention of Royal Media Services. This exposure led to inquiries from individuals interested in his poultry farming expertise. His clientele expanded, attracting attention not only locally but also from Kenyans in the diaspora.

Muriuri now manages around 1000 chickens on his small plot, offering services such as selling cages, providing strategic poultry rearing advice, and serving as an ambassador for Farmers Choice. Through this side business, he generates up to Ksh180,000 per month.

Personal Life

Married to Mary, whom he met in college, Muriuri admires her simplicity and acceptance of his disability. Mary has been a pillar of support through financial challenges. Muriuri’s advice is for women not to underestimate differently-abled individuals, as they too can be capable life partners. The couple is blessed with a son, completing the portrait of Muriuri’s triumphant journey.