Diana Marua: From an Mpesa Lady to a youtube millionaire

Diana Marua, the wife of Kevin Bahati, has emerged as one of Kenya’s notable YouTube millionaires, marking an inspiring and captivating transformation from her early days as an Mpesa Lady.

Hailing from the Nyanza region, specifically Migori, Diana chose to embark on a hustle-driven path after completing her education, mirroring the experiences of many Kenyans with humble backgrounds. As the firstborn, she felt a responsibility to be a role model for her siblings, kickstarting her journey to prominence by working as an Mpesa Lady. Subsequently, she transitioned to a receptionist role at another company.

Diana’s foray into the world of YouTube began when she entered a relationship with Bahati. Introducing him to the public sphere catapulted her into the limelight, garnering followers on Instagram and Facebook. Despite being initially jobless and reliant on Bahati, Diana’s creative instincts kicked in as she pondered ways to monetize her growing popularity.

In 2019, Diana Marua took a bold step by launching her YouTube channel, where she started sharing lifestyle vlogs. While this was a relatively new concept in Kenya, her connection with the audience quickly grew as people were eager to learn more about the lives of the Bahati couple.

Diana’s YouTube channel presently boasts over 700,000 subscribers, and she consistently earns between Ksh. 500,000 and Ksh. 1 million monthly from her content. The key to her success lies in her unwavering commitment to consistency and delivering high-quality programming. With daily video uploads, the majority of her vlogs attract over 100,000 views each day.

Beyond YouTube, Diana’s celebrity status has translated into lucrative brand endorsements. Serving as a brand ambassador for 12 multimillion-dollar companies, she maintains a modest persona with a cheerful attitude. Diana Marua’s journey from being an Mpesa Lady to a YouTube millionaire stands as a testament to her resilience, creativity, and ability to leverage her influence in the digital realm.