Mammito: Sijakataa boobs zangu zimelala but zimelala kwako?

Comedian Mammito Eunice has humorously addressed the issue of online trolls who engage in body-shaming, targeting her in particular.

Mammito Eunice, a renowned comedian, has openly expressed her disapproval of individuals who engage in body shaming on various social media platforms.

The accomplished entertainer voiced her discontent with internet users who have critiqued her physical appearance, particularly focusing on her breasts.

Mammito decided to confront her detractors after receiving negative feedback following the sharing of her photos online.

“I won’t deny that my breasts are not as perky as some might desire, but what purpose would it serve for them to wake up and start working? Where would they go? Why would you awaken them? Let them rest; they are peacefully slumbering in their place,” she emphasized.

She further added:

“These breasts have become the frontline fighters against depression, bringing joy to people’s lives. When someone comes burdened with stress, you ask them what the problem is, and they reply, ‘It’s taxes, man, handle it.'” she quipped.

“Even if you were to stand by someone and guide them in the right direction for 15 years, you would eventually need to take a break. So, let them rest. Even our Jehovah rested on the seventh day. Let them rest.”

Social media reactions poured in:

@lynewambui: Mammito speaking up for all of us… girl power! 😅

@ciru ng’ash: Can’t they just rest in peace? They’re peacefully slumbering in their place, right?

@Lungcudner_B🇰🇪🔥: 😂😂😂😂 They’re just chilling, peacefully slumbering in their place.

@Terryscoffer: This video made my day! 😂😂😂 Finally, the fallen soldiers’ team has been heard.

@Cirahgitau: I love your confidence, Mammito! You’re shining like a star.

@zaq-M-0012: 😂😂😂😂😂 Finally, you’ve taken a stand for the 111 and 1 million others.

Spicey😈: Let them wake up, let them sleep, let them walk, let them be mine… Tell them, baby girl! 😊