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Nigerian Artist Davido seeking legal action against kenya media outlets for April Fools drug arrest joke

Davido has taken a firm stance against media entities that erroneously reported his alleged arrest for drug possession, declaring his intent to pursue legal action.

Dispelling the rumors swirling around his supposed detention in Kenya, the acclaimed singer reassured his fans and allies via a statement across his social media platforms. He affirmed that the reports were baseless and maliciously motivated, emphasizing that he had successfully completed his performances in East Africa without any legal troubles.

“I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have never faced arrest anywhere in the world,” Davido stated in his declaration, addressing the speculation head-on. He vehemently denied ever encountering legal issues in Nigeria, the United States, or any other place he considers home.

Expressing his disdain for the fabrication of such serious allegations, particularly in the context of April Fools’ Day, Davido underscored the gravity of the situation. He reiterated his commitment to pursuing legal recourse against the media outlets responsible for disseminating the misinformation.

In gratitude for the unwavering support of his fans throughout his career, Davido concluded his statement with appreciation. This clarification comes on the heels of a story published by a Kenyan news outlet alleging his arrest, which later emerged as an ill-conceived April Fools’ prank. The Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in Kenya debunked the story as unfounded, further underscoring the recklessness of such reporting.