Amber Ray Explains Why She Is Drinking Alcohol Despite Having 2-Month-Old Baby -

Amber Ray Explains Why She Is Drinking Alcohol Despite Having 2-Month-Old Baby

During the launch event of an alcohol brand, Amber Ray, a mother of two, shared her reasons for consuming alcohol despite having a two-month-old baby.

Amber Ray explained that she chose to drink alcohol because she had stopped breastfeeding her infant. Due to insufficient milk production, she made the difficult decision to discontinue breastfeeding her baby after two months.

Initially, Amber Ray had hoped to breastfeed her child until the six-month mark. However, she encountered difficulties in producing enough milk. After consulting with her doctor, she received medical advice to stop breastfeeding altogether. As a result, she emphasized that her alcohol consumption does not pose a risk to her child, given that she is no longer breastfeeding.

Amber Ray acknowledged that society often advises against consuming alcohol while breastfeeding until the baby reaches six months of age. However, she stressed that, in her personal situation, she had made genuine attempts to breastfeed. Unfortunately, her body did not cooperate, leading to the cessation of breastfeeding at such an early stage. This is why she believes it is acceptable for her to consume alcohol in her current circumstances.

In response to allegations that she abandoned breastfeeding to preserve her figure, Amber Ray vehemently denied such claims. She affirmed that her physical appearance is natural and that she would never purposefully deprive her child of the essential nourishment provided by breastfeeding in order to maintain her own appearance.