Loise Kim opens up on break-up & what ended her 7yr- Marriage

Kikuyu gospel singer Loise Kim has opened up on how her 7-year old marriage ended.

Talking on the YouTube channel ‘Itugi ria muturire’ (Pillar of life), Loise said the marriage couldn’t endure the distance after her husband left for Britain looking for greener pastures.

The mother of two also referenced that their marriage had issues from the begining.

Loise additionally asserts that the love between them dwindled when she fell pregnant.

“I was raised by a Christian family, but I slipped at the end of high school. At the age of 19, I got pregnant, and it was very frustrating since even my pastor rejected me,” she said.

The father of her kid additionally didn’t visit her even after giving birth . As per Loise it was her mother who encouraged her and walked with her all through the pregnancy journey.

One year subsequent to giving birth, Loise was enrolled in college for secretarial studies. She met her baby daddy again and revived their love. She got married to him and bore a second-born.

I went through seven years in that marriage calmly and as a family, we thought about a way we would assist my husband with getting greener pastures. He got a visa and went to Britain. That is the place where my concerns began. Things changed when he began getting calls that I had done various things. I would also get calls that he has done various things. Scorn began developing, disagreements insults,” narrated Loise.

“Unfortunately, we became enemies to an extent of him neglecting me. We stopped talking, and I realized my kid’s life and mine depended on me,” she added.

The mother of two was a businesswoman at Gikomba market, nonetheless, she wandered into music to make ends meet.

“I talked to my mum and explained to her, I would be performing at entertainment joints as my mission was to make money and support my family. I have been down but through prayers and hard work, I am okay even without a husband.” She says.