“Wivu ndio inawasumbua, “Guardian Angel tells Kenyans who criticized him for marrying Ester Musila Who is Older than him by over 22 Years

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has been unwavering in his defense of his marriage to Esther Musila, despite the significant age gap of more than 20 years between them.

In a recent address, he humorously mentioned that when people want to refer to his wife, they often lead with her age before her name. He playfully quipped, “Mkianza na jina ya bibi yangu mnaanza first na number then mnataja my wife mpaka mkachoka.”

With remarkable courage, he passionately advocated for his marriage and safeguarded his wife, declaring, “Mliongea mkachoka, na sasa tuko mwaka wa nne baada ya matusi.”

He further asserted, “Kwasababu ya huyu dada ambaye mlifanya nikapashwa wiki mzima, mpaka tulikua tunashindana na mheshimiwa Rais kutrend.” Proudly patting himself on the back, he expressed, “Nataka tu kujishukuru kwasababu ya kukosa kusikia hiyo ushenzi yenyu.”

Guardian Angel emphasized that if he had succumbed to the insults and ridicule from others, he might not have achieved his current position, and he attributed his success to his loving and supportive wife, Esther Musila. He declared, “Hiyo ushenzi yenyu ndio ingeniua lakini kwasababu sikusikia, leo hii nasimama hapa mbele yenyu ng’ang’ari kwa sababu ya mke wangu.”

During the launch of his new record label, “7 Heaven Music,” Guardian Angel revealed that his mistreatment in a church led him to swear off returning to religious institutions for some time. He recounted the incident, stating, “I went to a church to sing somewhere and I was mistreated in that Church. When I arrived, the pastor told me that elders had instructed that I should not sing or step on the altar.”

He continued, “They all argued, and after 30 minutes, the pastor accepted that I sing. When I started, the pastor again got angry and wanted to snatch my microphone, but his wife called him down.”

“When I finished, the pastor took the microphone and never acknowledged that I had just sung. That made me resent the church.”

The artist went on to explain that this experience prompted him to make a solemn vow to never return to a church. He questioned himself, “Kwani Kuoa bibi yangu kunaweza fanya mpaka I don’t deserve to sing for God in church.”

Guardian Angel shared his resolution with his wife, stating, “I went home with my wife and told her that that was the last time I was stepping into a church. I said I would never step into any church.”

He revealed that his life took a positive turn when he encountered Pastor Ababu, who became his spiritual mentor. Guardian Angel expressed his gratitude, saying, “I went to a birthday party, and that’s where I met Pastor Ababu… I had never seen a pastor who gets excited to see you just like a fan does. He was so happy with me.”

Continuing his narrative, Guardian Angel added, “Then the pastor that chased me away went and impregnated a ‘Mpango wa Kando’ somewhere.”

“This made me realize that I was refusing to go to church because of someone who was struggling and not me.”

Finally, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila’s substantial age difference of 20 years has not deterred their love. They tied the knot when he was 32 years old and she was 52 years old. Esther Musila Omwaka has grown children who are her husband’s age mates from her previous marriage. Their message is clear: love transcends age, as Aaliyah sang, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”