Meru university students charged with Gang raping 7yr old Girl

Meru university students charged with Gang raping 7yr old Girl

Brian Munjalu and Francis Chepkosi, students from Meru University of science and technology risk spending the rest of their years in jail after they forcefully slept with a 7-year-old girl whom they tricked into their home, the minor were going home from school after having a tedious day.

The two who were charged before Meru law courts on Monday are said to have committed the intolerable act on tenth January 2022 at Kinyiera town in Tigania West. As per the verdict of Faith Munyi, the Principal magistrate at Tigania law courts said that the two will be remanded and their bind hearing will be heard on seventeenth January 2022.

On the said day, the two students tricked the minor into their home, while inside, they forced her to take off her clothes something she didn’t acknowledge, they later forced her to undress then forcefully slept with her in turns to satisfy themselves before letting her go home.

Afterward, her mom found her crying outside and asked her girl what happened. In the wake of hearing her story, the mother went to Nchiru police station to report the matter which prompted the arrest of the two people who are yet to face the wrath of the law.