“Shock as wife reportedly divorces a Somali man after she saw a photo of him in a famous massage parlour along Kamakis bypass.

In a deeply poignant narrative of misunderstanding and treachery, the life of a Somali man took an abrupt and distressing turn, leaving him in a state of turmoil.

The pivotal moment?

A seemingly innocuous photograph taken inside the renowned Mans Chamber barbershop and massage parlor along Kamakis bypass, which tragically shattered the foundation of his existence.

The man’s life began to unravel when an acquaintance, seemingly harboring ill intentions, forwarded a deceptive photograph to his wife. This image portrayed him in the company of attractive women at the Mans Chamber.

To the man, the context of the photograph was entirely innocent, but in the eyes of his wife, it was twisted into a narrative that ignited a devastating sequence of events.

The repercussions of this single photograph were nothing short of catastrophic. Fueled by feelings of pain, bewilderment, and a profound sense of betrayal, the wife made the heart-wrenching decision to vacate their shared home, taking their nine children along as she returned to Mandera. A once-unified family now stood fractured, all due to a solitary moment captured in a photograph.