” Nataka Kumchukua Fridah Kajala ni TYPE Yangu” Stevo Simple Boy Confesses. -

” Nataka Kumchukua Fridah Kajala ni TYPE Yangu” Stevo Simple Boy Confesses.

In the midst of the ongoing online tensions between Kenya and Tanzania, the renowned and somewhat controversial Kenyan artist, Stevo Simple Boy, appears to be embarking on a journey towards greater recognition. Amidst this backdrop, he has unveiled a diss track that has raised eyebrows, particularly due to its reference to Fridah Kajala.

Stevo Simple Boy, a figure who has recently gained significant online attention, made waves by asserting that numerous Tanzanian women have been reaching out to him, expressing interest and admiration. This claim, however, is a prelude to his surprising admission of his affections for Kajala, who was previously associated with Harmonize.

In the concise one-minute diss track, Simple Boy unreservedly expressed his view that Tanzanian rappers lack the skillfulness of their Kenyan counterparts. He confidently stated that Kenyan artists are superior in this realm, hinting at his intentions to claim Kajala for himself when he visits Tanzania. This lyrical move can be interpreted as an attempt by Simple Boy to romantically pursue Kajala through his music.

The song not only highlights Simple Boy’s attraction towards Kajala but also directs criticism at Rosa Ree. The artist advised Rosa Ree to reconsider her career in rapping, asserting that she is ill-equipped to contend with the likes of Khaligraph Jones. Rather playfully, he suggested that Rosa Ree should consider a different path, perhaps crossing borders to become his partner in Kenya.

Lately, Stevo Simple Boy has courted controversy with his actions and expressions of interest in various women. Starting with Kamene Goro, he has proceeded to show interest in Ngesh Kaveve kazoze and Wanja Kihii, among others. However, his relationships have often concluded on a disappointing note, leading him to grapple with the challenge of finding a compatible partner.

In conclusion, Stevo Simple Boy’s recent diss track release, which showcases his admiration for Fridah Kajala and his views on the disparity between Tanzanian and Kenyan rappers, has added another layer to his intriguing persona. This musical endeavor not only highlights his aspirations but also his playful yet contentious interactions with other artists in the industry.