Kameme FM Mansimo Beats Up His Wife Severely

Kameme FM Mansimo Beats Up His Wife Severely

Violence against women is a regular reality in Kenya and happens in both country and metropolitan regions that is in rural and urban areas; among the rich and poor people. Former coro and Inooro FM presenter and now Kameme FM presenter Simon Kabue Mburu also called Man Simo assulted his better half.

As indicated by sources, he got back home in the company of a young girl whom he had picked from a bar he was drinking. On arrival, his better half opened the door for him, but was astonished to see her husband in the company of another lady.

Quickly, Kabue demanded money from his wife to go out and continue with his drinking spree with the young lady however she declined to give in to his demands and that is when hell broke loose. Kabue jumped on her and beat her silly until she was seriously injured.

The upheaval alarmed neighbors who called the police who arrested mansimo and locked him up in a police station in Eastlands.

Mansaimo na Katta are famous co-hosts who currently work at Kameme Fm as presenters on a program dubbed’Humuka’ broadcasted on weekdays from 4pm – 8pm. Before they went to kameme station, they co-worked in Coro fm and Inooro fm.The bizarre incident is however said to be a well kept secret.