Yesu wa Tongaren Allegedly Converts Water Into Tea.

Eliud Wekesa, widely recognized as Mwalimu Yesu or ‘Jesus’ hailing from Tongaren, Bungoma, gained widespread attention a few weeks ago by asserting that he is the actual Jesus Christ, anointed by God to disseminate His gospel.

The father of eight boldly declared possessing the ability to heal all ailments and perform miraculous feats. In a recent Tv 47 interview, Mwalimu Yesu’s followers openly affirmed on camera that their leader is an immensely powerful figure. They recounted witnessing him transform water into tea and insisted that he consistently performs miracles whenever they seek his intervention.

During the interview, Mwalimu Yesu emphasized his divine ordination, confidently asserting that he is the path to heaven. He expressed his commitment to spreading the gospel nationwide, aiming to make Kenyans recognize him as the true Jesus and the conduit to salvation.