Nyako: I Gave My Rosecoco to a Well Built Black Man, and He almost Finished Me.

Nyako, a Kenyan TikToker and content creator based in Germany, has sparked controversy on Tiktok yet again by sharing her fear of getting intimate with black men. During a Tiktok Live session, Nyako was asked to choose between white men and black men as better sexual partners. She responded by saying that at her age, she prefers white men because she cannot handle the energy of black men.

Nyako revealed that the last time she got intimate with a black man, she experienced discomfort that forced her to seek medication. She claimed that the man’s powerful shots left her shivering and unable to contain the heat. As a result, she decided to avoid getting intimate with black men.

Nyako further stated that black men are better suited for young girls because they have the energy that young ladies aged 20 and above need. She is currently married to a white man who is of a similar age and is enjoying her marriage life. She stated that she is receiving her conjugal rights well, and things are going smoothly.