Man Sells His Cars, Lands, and Business to Sponsor his Girlfriend’s Education in Canada, Only to End Up Dumped After Graduation

Selemen Hussein’s profound investment in his relationship with Aisha took an unexpected turn, leaving him abandoned and in dire straits. In a desperate bid for survival, he resorted to the collection and sale of plastic bottles…..CONTINUE READING

Hussein’s love for Aisha went beyond emotional support; he wholeheartedly financed her education and provided the necessary emotional backing. However, the depth of his commitment was met with betrayal when Aisha opted to abandon him for another man, despite his significant contributions towards her education, including sponsoring her studies in Canada.

“I sacrificed cars, lands, and business shops to fund her education, stipend, and financial obligations, but she betrayed me. Aisha, why did you do this to me?” he agonizingly lamented in an interview with Afrimax English.

Driven by compassion upon learning about Aisha’s substantial financial debt, Hussein relinquished his possessions and business to assist her. Unfortunately, this act of love and sacrifice was met with betrayal as Aisha chose a different path, leaving Hussein emotionally shattered.

Despite finding himself homeless and abandoned not only by Aisha but also by his own family, Hussein refused to succumb to despair. Instead, he drew strength from the humble occupation of collecting and selling plastic bottles to make ends meet.

“My parents had warned me about the pitfalls of mixing relationships with money. Now, I am left without a home and abandoned, resorting to collecting and selling plastic bottles for my livelihood,” shared the Tanzanian, highlighting the adversity he faced.