Is Kameme TV's Wangeci Wa Kariuki Pregnant? See The Video

Is Kameme TV’s Wangeci Wa Kariuki Pregnant? See The Video

Kameme TV Rikiratha Show host Wangeci Wa Kariuki could be pregnant. In certain videos seen during the Jaza Jaza Section of the Friday Breakfast show Wangeci was seen having what we could only call a protruding berry. She is as of late seen dressing in Delas and loose clothes,something pregnant mothers wear alot,raising speculations that she could be pregnant.

Wangeci on a normal day is lively in dancing, however of late she is seen not to enjoy dancing as she used to before. While sited for an interview with Kikuyu gospel artist DMG, Wangeci protruding berry is visible,is she pregnant?.

Wangeci has not yet remarked on the speculated pregnancy claims. It was not long however when she posted a photograph of Kenyatta University Referral hospital complimenting Oliver Mugenda for its commission. It isn’t clear why she had visited the health facility since she has been healthy.

Wangeci is a wife and together with the husband they have been blessed with children together. She prefers a private life away from public discussion though this year she flaunted a photo of her adopted daughter online. What’s your views about the video of Wangeci during the breakfast show showing that she could be pregnant?

Is Kameme TV's Wangeci Wa Kariuki Pregnant? See The Video