Kisii Drama As Bees Sent To Woman Alleged To Have Stolen Cash

A woman in Kisii has captured widespread attention on the internet, as she found herself enveloped in a swarm of bees, allegedly summoned by a witch doctor seeking retribution for her supposed theft. The incident, documented in a viral video circulating on social media, showcases the middle-aged woman covered by the buzzing swarm on her head, where she vocalizes a commitment to avoid repeating her misdeeds.

Accompanied by a group of men, the woman, hailing from the Bosongo area in Kisii, is accused of pilfering Ksh 50k from her lover. Another account suggests that she also stole money from an unidentified elderly man in Kisii Town, leading him to enlist the services of a witch doctor in response to the theft.

The video, recorded near Poppy Bookshop in Kisii Town, reveals the woman holding a handful of thousand-shilling notes as she tearfully traverses the path where the alleged theft occurred. While the specifics of the theft remain undisclosed, the emotional video captures the woman repeatedly expressing remorse, declaring, “Sitarudia” (I will not repeat) throughout the nine-minute clip.

Within the crowd, some individuals assert that the woman’s redemption hinges on returning the stolen money to its rightful owner and allowing the witch doctor to dispel the bees from her head. A digital journalist among the onlookers suggests that they chose to march with the woman through Kisii Town, aiming to caution others about the perils of stealing or taking someone else’s belongings.