Christianity is a big scam”- Forgotten Kenyan Rapper Wangechi Says
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“Christianity is a big scam”- Forgotten Kenyan Rapper Wangechi Says.

Everyone has a right to opinion and that is exactly what Kenyan rapper, Wangechi has done.

She came into the limelight after featuring in Scar Mkadinali’s Sana Sana but went MIA at a time when her music career was rocketing.

This was after her best friend, Tiona Wangechi died in a grisly road accident and since then, the rapper has maintained a very low profile.

The move to go underwater saw her career fade away and gradually was forgotten by most of her fans.

After surviving an accident, she came back but this time as a gospel artist but seemed like the accident had really affected her faith.

“Some people were also expecting me to do a ‘Kanye West’ and get back to music recording while I was injured so they could feel me through the pain. I just have my own plans I have things I want to do for myself first. And no offense but I find everything in the gospel industry fake,” she said in a previous interview.

Taking to Twitter recently, the rapper said that Christianity is a scam, sort of a PR.

Christianity/being born again really is the best PR in these streets.

It still remains unclear what made her come to that conclusion but as it is, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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