John Mbugua: Nakuru Man Who Started Business With Ksh100, Now Makes Ksh200,000 Monthly

In the bustling Kenyan town of Nakuru, situated along Kenyatta Avenue, JM Nail Spa stands as a cherished sanctuary for women of all ages, offering a range of beauty services. At the helm of this thriving establishment is John Mbugua, a visionary entrepreneur, and dynamic individual, who, at the age of 34, transformed a modest sum of Sh100 into a flourishing beauty empire.

Mbugua’s journey began with humble origins. “I started with only Ksh100, using the money to purchase three bottles of nail polish, each priced at Ksh20, along with some cotton wool,” he reminisced. To his amazement, he managed to make a profit of Sh500 on the very first day, igniting his determination to delve deeper into the beauty industry.

Unfazed by the challenges that lay ahead, Mbugua embarked on a relentless journey of promoting beauty products, tirelessly moving from one salon to another. Over time, his client base expanded exponentially, and the demand for his services soared. Encouraged by this growing success, he made a pivotal decision in 2019—to establish his own beauty haven.

Using his savings and the profits from his thriving business, Mbugua took a bold step and launched JM Nail Spa. With a diverse array of services, including manicures, pedicures, and facial makeup, his parlour quickly captured the hearts of locals. “Two years into the venture, the business started flourishing, and I secured a Ksh15,000 bank loan to expand and employ two assistants,” he revealed. Three months later, he secured another Ksh20,000 to further invest in the enterprise.

Reflecting on the evolution of his business, Mbugua highlighted the pivotal role that social media platforms played. Leveraging Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, he showcased his exceptional services, attracting clients from the vast digital landscape. However, he recognized that the bedrock of his success rested on the referrals from delighted customers. “JM Nail Spa and Beauty Parlour thrives best on referrals. When we provide exceptional services to our clients, they refer new customers to us,” he emphasized, underscoring the importance of delivering outstanding customer experiences.

In an industry that continually evolves, Mbugua stressed the significance of staying ahead of the curve. He devoted considerable time to scouring the internet, staying informed about the latest trends in facial, nail, and hair styling. According to him, being innovative, trendy, and well-informed about market dynamics was non-negotiable. He also emphasized the pivotal role that branding played in setting his business apart. “In this industry, branding is of utmost importance; it’s a game changer. Equally important is value addition since customers come to you expecting more than just a service. You have to ask yourself what value you are adding,” explained Mbugua, offering invaluable insights to aspiring entrepreneurs.

One significant challenge that Mbugua faces in his industry is the proliferation of counterfeit cosmetic products. “Fake cosmetics are infiltrating some beauty product outlets, putting consumers at risk of purchasing inferior and possibly hazardous products and leaving high-end retailers scrambling to distinguish their products from potentially dangerous imitations,” Mbugua pointed out.

With a monthly turnover of approximately Ksh200,000, Mbugua is optimistic about the future. “I plan to expand my business to all 11 sub-counties and employ more than 100 youth,” he declared with confidence.