Chira’s Shosh: Baba T Arranged Burial of Chira Including Date Without Consulting me

It seems like things are becoming quite tangled, and Brian Chira’s grandmother is now ready to reveal some truths. It’s going to be a tough moment for Baba Talisha as he faces accusations and revelations from Shosh.

In a recent live session, Shosh, speaking on behalf of Brian Chira, stated that they never officially appointed Baba Talisha or instructed him to conduct fundraising activities for Brian Chira. Instead, Baba Talisha took it upon himself to do so. Shosh clarified that she herself is not a TikToker and was taken aback by the substantial contributions from TikTok users to assist in burying her grandson.

Furthermore, Shosh disclosed that all the arrangements for the burial were orchestrated by Baba Talisha and his partner, Brenda Wanjiku. It was Baba Talisha who unilaterally decided on the burial date, scheduling it according to his own availability without consulting the family. Even the pastor simply awaited instructions regarding the burial date.

Shosh emphasized that she had no involvement in the planning of her grandson’s burial. All the logistics were managed solely by Baba Talisha and Brenda Wanjiku, without any input from the family committee.