The Inspiring Story of Victoria Rubadiri: From a Teen Girl Who Wanted to Abort A Pregnancy to a Seasoned Journalist

Victoria Rubadiri is a renowned journalist in Kenya who works at Citizen TV, a subsidiary of Royal Media Services. She is renowned for her exceptional news presentation style and her ability to connect with her talk show hosts with passion. Despite her famous family background, Victoria’s success is a result of her hard work and determination.

Victoria was born in Nairobi on January 28, 1987, where her parents worked at a local radio station. As a child, she was well-loved by her parents and their colleagues. However, when she was ten years old, her family moved to the US in search of better opportunities. This change was difficult for Victoria as she missed her life in Kenya and felt lonely without her parents.

Victoria’s teenage years were not easy, as she fell victim to early pregnancy. The cultural changes she experienced in the US made her vulnerable, and she made poor choices. Unfortunately, the father of her child denied the pregnancy, and Victoria considered aborting it. Her parents, however, encouraged her to keep the baby, which she did, and her daughter is now the source of her happiness.

Victoria is a single mother who raised her daughter with the help of her parents. She is now a strict but loving mother, who considers her daughter her best friend. Victoria comes from a mixed ethnic background, with a Masaai and Kalenjin mother and a Malawian father. Her grandfather, James David Rubadiri, was a famous Malawian poet and former vice-chancellor of Malawi University.

Victoria attended her early education in Kenya and later moved to the US, where she attended Atlantic City High School and Temple University in Philadelphia, where she obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Although she cannot speak Swahili, she understands it and has had difficulties with pronunciation in the past.

Victoria had difficulty finding a job after graduation, but she eventually landed a job as a business journalist at Capital FM. Her dreams of becoming a TV news presenter came true when she moved to NTV in 2013. She became popular after presenting the news alongside Larry Madowo during the 2013 general elections. In 2020, she was poached by Citizen TV, where she now hosts Saturday Night News solo and Sunday Live with Jeff Koinange. Her salary at Citizen TV is rumored to be over 400k per month.