"I Was Bitten By A Snake From The Sky" Kitui Man Narrates The Strange Incident.

“I Was Bitten By A Snake From The Sky” Kitui Man Narrates The Strange Incident.

A 39 year old man from Kitui Narrates his experience with a black mamba snake which bit him while he was driving his car.

David Musyoka has said that the snake came from the sky and supposedly, it fell from the claws of a hawk.

He clarified that he was driving when he heard something hit the roof top of his vehicle. He at that point slowed down to check what it could have be.

He says that he was stunned to see a big snake on his vehicle and before he could respond it had bitten his hand.

Musyoka said, “I got out of the car with the snake still clinging onto my arm and passersby came to my rescue and killed the snake.

He says that something more bizarre the followed. Before the dead snake could be set on fire, the bird that was carrying it came down charging to pick it

Imediately after the bite, he say he started experiencing blurred vision before he was rushed to Mwingi Level IV Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Musyoka admits that it is something he has never seen in his life and is greatful to God for saving his life.