“I Was a House Maid But I Ran Away After Realizing My Boss Sacrificed Her Daughter for Wealth”- LADY SAYS

In an exclusive interview on The Shantal Mirrors Show with a local YouTuber, a woman who chose not to disclose her full legal name shared a deeply troubling account of her experiences as a housemaid, explaining why she has resolved never to set foot in someone else’s home again.

Commencing her journey as a house help at a tender age, the woman recounted her time working in a household with only two children—an intellectually challenged 16-year-old and a two-year-old toddler. The narrative unfolded with details of the woman diligently preparing copious amounts of food, including 10 kilograms of rice and 2 kilograms of beef, exclusively for the insatiable 16-year-old.

Curiously, while the teenager indulged in lavish meals, the child’s mother, her employer, subsisted solely on groundnuts. Adding an extra layer of peculiarity, the mother habitually left her residence daily, even on non-working days for the maid.

“I may have been a maid, but that young girl’s predicament was not ordinary; the woman had seemingly sacrificed her for material wealth. The girl displayed a healthy disposition mid-month but consistently fell ill toward the month’s end,” the woman shared during the interview.

The employer, engaged in traditional item businesses in Namuwongo, stocked both her commercial venture and home with various items. Despite the apparent prosperity, the maid admitted to harboring a constant sense of fear and apprehension about her employer’s activities.