” Lecturer Wetu Tulifanya na yeye Mechi Safi Akaniambukiza Ukimwi” Student Criesout

A Kenyan university student in one of the most reknown and celebrated university in the country, caused stir online, after she decided to open up on how her lecturer, infected her HIV and AIDs , for grades… The story was shared on Betty Wahomes page.

The young girl revealed that she was schooling in the university, but she used not to attend classes. So one day, lecturer gave out an assignment and requested them to submit it personally to him, and one person at a time. Since they were few in the class, her lecturer noticed that she wasn’t attending classes frequently.

She was at the verge of failing that unit, because as the rules of many universities , attending class is part of qualification. She became emotional, but the lecturer told her, he can help her pass the unit, only if she allows to get intimate with him. The young lady didn’t hesitate, she agreed the deal, and she really pleasured the lecturer.

When the results came out she was at the top of the list. The lecturer made her the class representative. That evening it also went down. She said it was a very mesmerizing moment, they enjoyed and the game of the lec was topnotch.

However two months later, when she was on her attachment, she started to feel some weird signs. She went to the hospital, and it was discovered that she was HIV positive. That is how her life changed. She contacted the lecturer because she had been single for like 8 months, and only had a thing with him, the lecturer blocked her, and that is how she became a person living with HIV.