“I lost my husband last year, finally found a Man to marry but wants my children to bare his name instead of my late husband. WHAT CAN I DO?”

Last year, I experienced the loss of my husband. Recently, I’ve found a new partner whom I’m excited to marry. He is a caring and financially stable individual, providing for both me and my children. His affection surpasses that of my late husband, and I feel a sense of comfort in our relationship. In a generous gesture, he even established a supermarket for me.

While I’ve accepted his proposal to marry, a concerning condition has arisen. He insists that my children adopt his surname instead of retaining their late father’s name. Despite my suggestion to wait and discuss this matter with my family, especially considering that my late husband had already fulfilled the dowry requirements, he is adamant about bypassing any formalities. He claims to have connections in the government that could expedite the name change without complications.

I find myself in a dilemma, torn between my desire to maintain my late husband’s legacy and the fear of losing this new relationship. As a 33-year-old woman with three children, aged 4 (a girl) and 2 (twin boys), I worry about the possibility of not finding another suitable partner. I believe in the importance of a fulfilling love life and building a united family, yet I grapple with the idea of altering my children’s names.

I seek advice on this matter, uncertain of the best course of action.