Mbosso speaks on Beef with Otile Brown

Tanzanian Bongo star, Mbosso, recently addressed his relationship with Kenyan singer Otile Brown, dispelling any notion of animosity between them. In an interview with Wasafi FM, Mbosso emphasized his preference for maintaining positive connections within the music industry and clarified that he harbors no grudges against fellow artists.

“I don’t hold grudges against any artist. I’m the kind of person who, if you bring trouble my way, I’d rather steer clear of it,” stated Mbosso during the interview.

Mbosso also revealed that his interactions with Otile Brown have been somewhat limited, primarily involving a collaboration that ultimately did not materialize. Reflecting on past events, Mbosso recalled, “There was a time he claimed we stole his songs… We’ve never been close friends, but I remember him reaching out for a collaboration a few years back.”

According to Mbosso, the collaboration did not materialize because Otile Brown failed to adhere to the established protocols set by Mbosso’s management team. Emphasizing his commitment to following the proper procedures, Mbosso stated, “He reached out to me, and I gave him the protocols. I guess he was unable to follow them. As an artist under management, anyone looking to work with me must be ready to follow the procedures.”

These revelations come in the context of a recent jab taken by Otile Brown in September 2023. Through an Instagram post, Otile criticized both Mbosso and himself for talking excessively about their jewelry, questioning the authenticity of their accessories. Otile suggested certified jewelers like Jewelry Unlimited, Icebox, Johnny Dang, and A Jeweler as reputable sources, expressing confusion about why successful musicians would wear what he perceived as fake jewelry.

In response to Otile’s comments, Mbosso defended his stance, acknowledging the concept of ‘fake it until you make it.’ However, he expressed bewilderment at the idea of flaunting imitation jewelry despite achieving significant success in the music industry. Mbosso concluded by suggesting that actions should align with success and questioned the need for pretense when one has already accomplished so much.