“Alikuwa anacheat na madem wengi” Manzi wa Kibera Curses 66-Year-Old Former Lover

In a shocking turn of events, Manzi wa Kibera, a well-known figure in social circles, has decided to rent out her wedding gown after abruptly calling off her wedding and ending her relationship with her older partner, referred to as “mzae.” While no specific reasons were initially given for the split, Manzi wa Kibera has now revealed the true cause behind her decision.

According to the socialite, her former fiancé had a reputation for pursuing other women, earning him the title of a notorious skirt chaser. She claims that he was engaging in multiple affairs with slay queens while they were together. Upset by his infidelity, Manzi wa Kibera made the bold move of breaking off the relationship and publicly airing her grievances.

“He’s a cheat. I checked his phone and found incriminating messages. He was cheating on me with numerous women who were only interested in his money,” she revealed.

The situation was made even more complicated by the fact that she couldn’t access her ex-partner’s WhatsApp conversations due to a security code he had set on his phone.

“He has his fingerprint set as the access code to his WhatsApp, so I couldn’t read the messages,” she added.

In an unexpected twist, Manzi wa Kibera disclosed that the man had purchased a wedding gown valued at Ksh45,000 for her, which she now intends to use for business purposes.

“I’ve decided to turn the gown into a lucrative venture because it wasn’t the one I desired. I had my eyes set on a gown worth Ksh150,000, but he claimed he couldn’t afford it. I will be renting out this gown for Ksh10,000, with an additional Ksh3,000 for laundry,” she explained.

This bold move by Manzi wa Kibera has garnered significant attention, as she aims to reclaim her independence and make the most of her unfortunate situation. It remains to be seen how successful her gown rental venture will be and if it will provide her with the financial stability she seeks.

The tale of Manzi wa Kibera’s broken engagement and her decision to transform her wedding gown into a source of income serves as a reminder that even in the face of heartbreak, one can find resilience and turn adversity into opportunity.