I have never cheated on my wife”- Mr Ibu Reveals.
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“I have never cheated on my wife”- Mr Ibu Reveals.

Celebrated Nigerian actor and comedian, John Okafor alias Mr Ibu has revealed that he has never cheated on his wife despite having four children with her.

Ibu who was hosted by Punch said that he is really good in bed and has eyes on no other woman besides his wife.

Ibu in the interview also revealed that he can stay without having sex for two or more years.

“I don’t cheat on my wife. I had children before I married her. I left that life because many women wanted to have children for me but I cannot build a primary school in my house,” he said.

“They liked me because I was good in bed and I’m really grateful for that. I knew what they wanted so I was always very gentle with them. Women are attracted to me but I’m only interested in my wife.”


“My wife is as beautiful as I met her, even after four children.”

Ibu is famed for his weird and witty sense of humor which has seen him share big stages with key industry players like Mr Bones.

His face has become a sensation when it comes to meme and in his own words said that he doesn’t care about cyber bullying if his facial expressions make the world smile.

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