CONGRATULATIONS:Disability is Not Inability, Abel Kirwa Graduates from Jomo Kenyatta University

Abel Kirwa, a determined and resilient student, proudly dons his cap and gown today as he graduates with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science from Kenyatta University.

This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the incredible power of persistence and tenacity in the face of adversity.

The journey towards graduation has been far from smooth for Abel, but his unwavering courage and determination never wavered as he pursued his dream of attending college.

Despite numerous obstacles and prevailing misconceptions about people with disabilities, Abel remained resolute in his pursuit of success.

His triumph over adversity serves as a powerful example for us all. Abel’s unshakable belief in his abilities propelled him forward, and his relentless dedication and focus have now paid off with the recognition of his graduate degree.

Abel Kirwa’s academic journey demonstrates that with enough determination and support, any obstacle can be overcome.

His success stands as a compelling reminder of the potential that resides within all individuals, and it emphasizes the importance of making education accessible to everyone.

As we celebrate Abel’s graduation from Kenyatta University, we are reminded that true strength is forged by overcoming challenges and refusing to accept defeat.

His accomplishments serve as an inspiration, proving that nothing is insurmountable when one sets their mind to it.

I am hopeful that Abel Kirwa’s story will continue to motivate and encourage people as they pursue their own aspirations for success. May his journey inspire others to embrace resilience and unwavering determination in the pursuit of their dreams.