Sina Time Yake Mimi: Andrew Kibe Reveals Why He Doesn’t Communicate with His Mother

Controversial figure Andrew Kibe recently opened up about his strained relationship with his biological mother, shedding light on a six-month gap in their communication.

In a Facebook video prompted by a fan’s question, Kibe vented his frustrations, expressing how his mother often treats him as if he were still a child despite his adulthood.

“Every time she wants to call me, she wants to treat me as that child she remembers. I’m not that guy. When she calls me, she expects to converse with me as if I’m still a child. That version of me is gone. I’m someone who values what you’re doing; can you talk to me like an adult?” he lamented.

While acknowledging his mother’s significance in his life, Kibe emphasized his commitment to prioritizing his mental well-being and resisting manipulation.

He discouraged others from meddling in his family affairs, asserting his autonomy in handling the situation.

“Just address the matter directly, that’s all. What are we discussing? This notion of ‘you know I’m your mother,’ why lead with that? I reject that attempt at manipulation, which is why she doesn’t find it easy to communicate with me,” he explained.

Kibe remained unapologetic about his strained relationship with his mother.

“I don’t have time for it, and she’s my mother. For those who feel upset on her behalf, please mind your own business,” he concluded.