Born Different : Meet Amina, A Lady Who Does Not Have A Face.

Each of us is a unique individual, possessing a distinct blend of characteristics and flaws that render us perfect in our own right. Among us stands Amina, a woman confronted with an extraordinary circumstance – she was born without a face.

Originating from one of the native villages in Africa, Amina is an otherwise typical human being, set apart solely by the absence of a facial structure. She entered the world with only a mouth to define her features, serving both her nourishment and respiration needs.

Born in 1942, Amina has grappled with this condition throughout her entire existence. Despite numerous medical endeavors aimed at remedying her lack of a face, all attempts have fallen short. Consequently, Amina has had to come to terms with her identity as a woman without a face.

Her unique situation subjected Amina to social stigma during her youth, with individuals often ridiculing her and predicting a bleak romantic future. Against all odds, she did find a partner, and together they raised three children. Their separation was not linked to Amina’s condition but rather to internal conflicts and unavoidable circumstances.

The ramifications of Amina’s condition extend beyond her appearance. Her legs have been affected, hindering her mobility. Despite seeking medical intervention, no hospital has been able to offer a remedy, leaving her with no option but to adapt to her condition.

Aman, a compassionate soul, has assumed the responsibility of caring for Amina. Furthermore, support from abroad has facilitated Amina in leading a relatively healthy life as she awaits the inevitable conclusion. In the face of her exceptional challenges, Amina remains resilient, enveloped by care and aid, gracefully and patiently navigating through life.