”I didn’t come to this world to suffer” – Diana Marua brags as Bahati splashes her with loads of money.

YouTuber Diana Marua stands out as one of the rare women openly reveling in the joy of her marriage, basking in the affectionate love bestowed upon her by her husband, Bahati Kioko.

As the couple commemorates seven years of their relationship, Bahati has marked the occasion by presenting Diana with seven gifts over seven consecutive days. Taking their expressions of love to new heights, Bahati recently orchestrated a lavish party where he showered his wife with a cascade of cash.

Diana shared a video capturing the moment Bahati playfully tossed money at her while they danced, expressing that her husband instinctively understands how to bring a smile to her face. She joyfully asserted that she did not come into this world to endure hardship and credited her husband for fulfilling his divine assignment of ensuring her happiness at any cost.

In a subsequent post, Diana echoed her husband’s sentiment that the key to his happiness lies in receiving money. She eagerly anticipated the next day’s gift and humorously requested Bahati to consider seven wrapped boxes, each filled with money.

During the third gift-giving episode, where Bahati presented Diana with an expensive perfume imported from Dubai, he reiterated his understanding of the role money plays in making his wife happy. According to Bahati, his three-step formula for bringing joy to his wife involves giving her money, giving her a lot of money, and adding even more money to her possessions.

The video of Bahati showering Diana with money elicited mixed reactions from their fans. Some interpreted it as a lighthearted prank, while others reached out to the couple, seemingly seeking financial assistance, as the couple appeared to be in a position to provide such support.