” I Warned You,” Oga Obinna Reacts to Brian Chira Arrest

Media personality Oga Obinna expressed his disappointment regarding social media influencer Brian Chira, who was recently arrested for his actions. Chira was taken into custody for defaming TikTok star Azziad Nasenya and using offensive language to describe her.

In a live TikTok session, Chira even shared Azziad’s contact information, resulting in a barrage of insulting calls and messages directed at her.

Reacting to Chira’s arrest, Obinna revealed that he had previously spoken to Chira about the importance of creating clean content and warned him about his disrespectful and insulting behavior on social media.

During their conversation on #ObinnaShowLive, the focus was more like a therapy session and advice to his younger brother, with Obinna doing most of the talking in the hope of guiding Chira in the right direction. There were plans in place to promote clean content and secure gigs for him, but unfortunately, Chira let him down during his first gig.

Obinna had also cautioned Chira during the interview that his actions would eventually catch up with him. He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and recounted his own experiences where he wished he had someone to guide him away from certain negative choices.

Obinna also stressed the significance of being cautious on social media, as cyberbullying is considered a crime. People need to be mindful of the consequences of their online behavior and treat others with respect and kindness.