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Meet the man who claims to have not visited the toilet for ‘Haja Kubwa’ for 13 years

Get acquainted with the man who asserts that he hasn’t relieved himself for ‘Haja Kubwa’ in 13 yearsThe narrative of Saidi, hailing from Rwanda, has stirred emotions as he recounts his ongoing battle with an unidentified ailment that has rendered him bedridden for over a decade, unable to perform bowel movements despite regular eating and drinking.

Saidi, formerly employed as a driver to support his family, was stricken by a mysterious illness in 2010, leading to his incapacitation.

As per his wife, Zamuda, Saidi’s health ordeal commenced with sporadic difficulties in defecation, progressing from hours to days, weeks, months, and now spanning 13 years without any bowel movement.

“I am Rwakagambo Saidi, and for 13 years, I have not relieved myself. Despite consuming meals like everyone else, I have never been able to pass stool, only urine,” Saidi disclosed to the Afromax blog.

Saidi recounted the onset of his illness in early 2010, initiating a quest to seek medical assistance from various health facilities, yet all diagnostic efforts proved inconclusive.

Despite the absence of discernible symptoms, Saidi endured pain, fatigue, and inexplicable malaise.

Undeterred, Saidi explored alternative remedies from traditional healers, but to no avail.

“Formerly, I earned a livelihood as a driver, providing for my family. However, everything changed with the onset of this sudden illness. What began as occasional delays in bowel movements evolved into days, and now spans 13 years,” he lamented.

His wife, a mother of four, recounted their futile visits to multiple hospitals, where some physicians dismissed his condition as mere hunger.

“The doctors attributed it to hunger, insisting he needed to eat,” Zamuda recalled.

Initially receiving support from neighbors, Saidi’s prolonged illness eventually dissuaded their aid, understanding the arduousness of assisting someone over such an extended period.

Currently, Saidi remains confined to a mat, exposed to the elements, harboring a faint hope of restoration to his former health.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, an individual experiencing an inability to defecate may suffer from fecal impaction due to gastrointestinal malfunction.