“Women are Sliding into My DM Calling me Handsome,but I Know they are After my Money”~Pastor Ng’ang’a Claims

In a recent interview, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, a divisive figure in religious circles, made shocking revelations about being persistently pursued by women, regardless of his marital status. Ng’ang’a, who lost his first wife to illness and is now married to Mercy Murugi, shared his experiences of receiving flirtatious messages from women primarily interested in his financial resources.

Speaking candidly about the attention he receives, Ng’ang’a expressed his frustration, stating, “I get women sending me messages; they do not care about age. All they want is the money.” He further explained that as a public figure, such attention is an expected consequence of his status. Despite being complimented on his appearance and intelligence, Ng’ang’a emphasized that he remains faithful to his wife and is committed to their marriage.

During the interview, Ng’ang’a also opened up about his extensive family, revealing that he has numerous children. Unashamedly discussing his personal life, he shared a poignant story of a previous relationship where his partner left him while pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, she passed away, and it was only after her death that the children sought him out. In light of this, Ng’ang’a expressed his love for his adopted daughter since 2000.

Ng’ang’a believes that financial stability often becomes the primary motivation for women to enter into relationships, and when the wealth diminishes, these relationships often crumble due to the absence of genuine love. He urged couples to be cautious of their mobile phones, cautioning that those who were interested in them before marriage may persist in their advances even after tying the knot.

While Ng’ang’a’s remarks have sparked controversy and divided public opinion, his statements shed light on the challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their personal lives and dealing with unwanted attention. The pastor’s openness about his experiences serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics at play when wealth, power, and fame intersect with relationships and personal boundaries.