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Man Who Won Green Card to Work in America Quits Sh 1.6 Million Monthly Job Salary, Says He Is Tired of American Life

A Kenyan expatriate living in the United States, Benson, has made a bold choice to repatriate to Kenya, citing dissatisfaction with the draining nature of American life.

Despite attaining significant success in the US, including prestigious roles and property ownership, Benson feels compelled to break free from the relentless pursuit of wealth and prioritize his familial and social bonds.

Residing in the US since 2011, Benson has engaged in diverse professions, from serving in the US army with deployment in Afghanistan to corporate sector employment.

“I’ve been here since 2011. I’ve worn many hats. I served in the US army for four years, did a stint in Afghanistan, dabbled in the corporate arena—my last gig was pulling in $12,000 monthly, and I’ve got my own ventures on the side,” he shared.

Despite his lucrative career and financial investments, he finds himself unable to savor them fully due to the overwhelming work demands and a dearth of time for family and leisure pursuits.

Benson observes that while the US offers abundant opportunities for financial gain and wealth accumulation, it lacks the spaciousness and conducive environment for fostering the kind of social and familial connections he yearns for—a lifestyle he believes is more attainable in Kenya.

His decision to return home is not solely motivated by financial concerns but is rooted in the quest to regain a sense of equilibrium and happiness absent in his American experience.

Driven by a desire to escape the rat race and embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle, Benson intends to leverage his expertise and real estate investments to delve into property management in Kenya.

He envisions that by investing in his homeland, he can carve out a brighter future for himself and his loved ones while also contributing to the local economy.