KRG The Don Willing to Do DNA Test with 19-Year-Old, Yvonne Njoki: “Nitamfanyia Sherehe”

KRG The Don has agreed to undergo a paternity test with 19-year-old Yvonne Njoki, who claims to be his daughter, following assertions made by the teenager’s mother.

In an interview, Yvonne’s mother, Susan Kinyanjui, stated that the flamboyant rapper was her first boyfriend. According to Susan, she and KRG met in 2002 while he was working at Gikomba market. They fell in love, and Susan became pregnant. Yvonne was born on August 5, 2003, and initially, KRG acknowledged his paternity by taking care of all the expenses. However, after seven months, he began avoiding Susan as he had found another woman, as per Susan’s account during an interview with a local YouTuber.

Susan appealed to the singer, urging him to accept his alleged daughter and provide support, just as he does for his other children.

In a recent interview with Nicholas Kioko on Monday, May 22, the rapper expressed his willingness to undergo a DNA test with Yvonne to determine his biological relationship with her.

KRG stated that if the test confirms his paternity, he will celebrate by hosting a party to welcome Yvonne into his family as one of his children. Despite the outcome of the DNA test, the musician assured that he would support Yvonne’s education financially, as he is capable of paying her school fees.

“We will proceed with the DNA test, and if it proves that I am her biological father, I will publicly apologize and fully embrace my responsibilities as a father. We will organize a celebration to honor her for all the years she has struggled. Even if she is not my daughter, I will still provide support because I have the means to do so,” the rapper affirmed.

Earlier, KRG had won the hearts of Kenyans through a kind gesture towards veteran Vioja Actress Mama Kayai. He visited her home in Kasarani, bearing gifts, after Mama Kayai had contacted him.

“A father may not always prioritize the needs of his family, but when you give a woman KSh 1,000, she will utilize it for her household,” KRG mentioned, referring to the food items he had brought, which were intended as a gift for Eid Al Fitr.