“He’s Good in Bed, na Ako na Pesa,” says Manzi Wa Kibera Describing Her Older Lover.

Kenya’s most controversial female socialite, Manzi Wa Kibera, also known as Wamboo, introduced her older partner last year. Despite the significant age gap, Wamboo insists that they are a perfect match and plans to be with him indefinitely.

While the man may seem advanced in years, according to Manzi Wa Kibera, he excels in the bedroom, showers her with gifts, and has a captivating seduction technique. She also mentioned his generous financial contributions to her.

The 65-year-old man, a wealthy proprietor of numerous garages in Nairobi, shared that he had been alone since his wife’s passing in 2007 until he met Manzi Wa Kibera, who is 26 and hails from Kilimambogo.

Expressing her desire to settle down and start a family with the older man, Manzi Wa Kibera sees herself as his “pension” and claims to have found contentment in their relationship.

The couple, currently on various vacations, appears to be relishing their time together.