Why I Rejected A Man Who Offered Me Sh.100 Million For ‘TWA TWA ‘ – Kamene Goro Reveals

Controversial radio host Kamene Goro recently disclosed on Instagram that an undisclosed individual had proposed a staggering offer of Sh100 million for her physical appearance. Last year, Kamene had openly shared details about her intimate relationships, revealing that she had been involved with 27 men. Although she chose not to disclose the identity of the individual making the offer, Kamene used the platform to advocate against such propositions.

In her post, Kamene encouraged women to reject such offers, emphasizing that no monetary sum is worth exchanging for one’s body. She urged women to concentrate on their hard work, expressing confidence that God would bless them abundantly through their efforts.

Regardless of the admirer’s financial capacity, Kamene asserted that such transactions should not take place. She stated, “Ladies, let me tell you, anything any man is offering you in exchange for your body, Father God will give you ten times more from your work!”

Kamene’s post ignited a lively debate on social media, with some criticizing her as hypocritical, given her previous revelations. However, others praised her for her courage in speaking out against objectification and prostitution.

The post also attracted the attention of mainstream media outlets, leading to coverage of Kamene’s story in various news publications. As a result, many individuals searched for Kamene’s name online, leading to increased traffic on her social media accounts.

In conclusion, Kamene Goro’s revelation about a secret admirer offering Sh100 million for her body created a buzz on social media and captured the interest of the media. Despite the controversy, Kamene’s message promoting self-worth and discouraging the sale of one’s body for monetary gain resonates with many.