Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby reveals her New Mzung Boyfriend

Renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Akothee has consistently captured media attention not only for her musical and business endeavors but also for her dynamic personal life. Recently, Akothee’s daughter, Ruebaby, became a focal point of headlines as she unveiled her Mzungu boyfriend, drawing comparisons to her mother’s past romantic entanglements.

Ruebaby, whose real name is Celly Rue Brown, took to social media to introduce her Caucasian partner, whose identity remains undisclosed. The public outings of the couple have ignited speculation about Ruebaby’s dating choices and whether she is mirroring her mother’s romantic journey.

Akothee has been a frequent subject of news throughout her career, particularly due to her relationships, notably those with Mzungu men. In 2016, Akothee made headlines when she revealed her Swiss partner, affectionately referred to as her “Mr. President,” though their romance eventually came to an end.

More recently, Akothee’s 2021 wedding to a Mzungu man created a buzz. Unfortunately, their extravagant wedding was followed by a short-lived and tragic marriage that concluded after a mere two months. The sudden divorce attracted considerable media attention, leaving many speculating about the reasons behind the dissolution.

Ruebaby’s decision to date a Mzungu man inevitably draws parallels to her mother’s past romantic experiences. While some may perceive it as following in her mother’s footsteps, it is essential to recognize that individuals have distinct preferences and motivations guiding their choice of relationships.