“Hii Kitu Inaweza Kataa Kusimama” Bahati Reveals Why He Will Not Do Vasectomy soon.

Kenyan musician and celebrity Kevin Bahati recently spoke out about why he has decided not to undergo a vasectomy, despite pressure from his wife, Diana Marua, to stop having children. Vasectomy, a surgical procedure that involves cutting or sealing the tubes that carry a man’s sperm to prevent pregnancy, is also known as male sterilisation.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Bahati initially stated that he may undergo the procedure since he felt he already had enough children. However, he later changed his mind and expressed concerns that it could impact his sexual performance. Specifically, he was worried that the procedure could prevent him from ejaculating or enjoying intimacy with his partner.

Bahati’s fears have led him to reconsider undergoing vasectomy, and he admits that he needs to learn more about the procedure before making a final decision. While some male celebrities, such as Biensoul of Sautisol, have publicly expressed their willingness to undergo vasectomy, Bahati’s concerns serve as a reminder that the decision to pursue any medical procedure is a deeply personal one that requires careful consideration.