Betty Kyallo says she’s ready for second baby, claims she misses being pregnant

Kenyan media personality and entrepreneur, Betty Kyallo, recently expressed her readiness to have a second child. As a single mother, she believes it’s time to get her life in order and try to conceive again. Betty fondly reminisces about the experience of being pregnant, jokingly mentioning the feeling of a human kicking and doing butterfly strokes in her tummy.

However, Betty has faced some criticism from a fan named Aalihya, who had previously admired her as a role model. When Betty posted a photo wearing a revealing outfit during a vacation in Naivasha, Aalihya questioned the example she was setting for her child. Betty responded firmly, reminding the fan that her daughter is her own responsibility, and others should focus on their own lives.

Betty’s journey as a co-parent with her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, has been challenging but ultimately rewarding. Initially, it was difficult to navigate the transition from living together as a couple to being divorced but raising a child together. Over time, they both realized the importance of providing the best environment and love for their daughter. They established a co-parenting arrangement, sharing custody and attending school functions together, presenting a united front despite their divorce. Betty emphasizes that they have become good friends and support each other in their roles as parents.

In conclusion, Betty Kyallo is embracing the idea of expanding her family and is determined to provide the best life for her children. Despite facing criticism, she remains focused on her responsibilities as a mother and maintains a supportive relationship with her ex-husband for the well-being of their daughter.