Sweet love: Man shares loved-up moments with his Caucasian male lover (Watch)

A proud young Ghanaian man named Rich Austin has recently taken to social media to showcase his Caucasian male partner with great joy.

On his TikTok page, Austin shared a heartwarming montage of affectionate moments captured with his boyfriend.

The video showcased various highlights, beginning with his boyfriend’s arrival at Kotoka Airport in Ghana, followed by their delightful time spent together, enjoying each other’s company and creating beautiful memories.

Throughout the video, the couple was seen snuggled up in each other’s arms, radiating love and happiness.

In a separate story, Tosin Ojutalayo, a gay Nigerian man based in the UK, has officially tied the knot with his beloved, Andrew Odong.

The couple celebrated their union in an intimate ceremony held at Castle Bay in Hyères, France.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Tosin shared captivating photos from their wedding and also reminisced about how they first crossed paths a decade ago.

According to Tosin, their love story began when Andrew initially reached out to him through direct messages while he was in a relationship. Despite being committed, Tosin remained faithful and respectfully declined the advances. However, fate had other plans.

Two months later, their paths unexpectedly intersected at a dinner party, reigniting the connection between them.

Revealing their unique love story on the platform, Tosin wrote, “He messaged me while I was in a relationship, and I turned him down, of course, because #YorubaMenDontCheat. Then, 2 months later (now single), I walked into a dinner party, and there he was. 10 years later, we’re getting married in 2 weeks.”

In a subsequent tweet from his Twitter handle on Tuesday, May 23, Tosin happily announced their marital status.

“Update: We got married,” he captioned the photos from their wedding, sharing the joyous news with his followers.