“Stevo Ni Kilema”: KRG Attacks Stevo Simple Boy For Calling Him Video Vixen

Kenyan Dancehall artist KRG The Don has responded strongly to Stevo Simple Boy’s recent remark, where he labeled him as a video vixen. In an exclusive interview with Content Creator Trudy Kitui, Simple Boy asserted that he does not recognize KRG as an artist and downplayed the significance of KRG’s collaboration with Konshens, maintaining that KRG is more accurately described as a mere video vixen.

Stevo went on to express his interest in having KRG feature as a vixen in one of his music videos, reinforcing his belief that KRG’s identity is primarily aligned with being a video model rather than a musician.

“KRG is just a vixen, not an artist. I do not care whether he has done a collabo with Konshens. One day he should come vixen in my music video,” Stevo remarked.

These comments did not sit well with KRG, prompting a bold response during a subsequent radio interview. KRG dismissed Stevo as a ‘disabled man’ exploiting his name to seek attention and gain unwarranted online popularity.

“Sitaki kutukana kilema, siwezi mtukana. Yaani unajua sasa hivi kuna wave inatembea, watu wengi washajua kwamba ukitaka kuwa maarufu, tukana KRG, akikutusi tu, umeshafanikiwa, sasa hiyo energy sitaki kabisa,” KRG responded.

This exchange is not the first instance of a public feud between the two prominent Kenyan artists. Several months ago, Stevo created a stir by claiming ignorance about KRG’s identity.

“Si kwa ubaya lakini huyu KRG ni nani nimetajwa sana kwenye Instagram, na mbona tunapiganishwa kimuziki?” Stevo questioned.

KRG swiftly retaliated, likening Simple Boy to a perfect farm scarecrow.

“Stivo Simple Boy wewe kazi naweza nikakupa ni labda nikupeleke kwa shamba yangu ukuwe kama scarecrow sababu sura yako inatisha sana usijaribu kabisa kujicompare na handsome boy kama mimi.”

The nature of this ongoing feud remains uncertain, leaving observers to question whether it is a genuine conflict or merely a publicity stunt for attention.