In Numbers: 6 Tribes That Make Most Police Officers in Kenya

Police officers in Kenya play a crucial role of providing security and maintaining law and order among the citizens.

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A Traffic Police officer in Kenya

The officers in the country have always been seen as a unit which composes workers from the diverse communities in the country. 

However just several tribes have been more prominent when it comes to serving in the law enforcement profession.

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In this article, muranganews explores the major tribes that make the majority of police officers in Kenya. 

How many police officers are there in Kenya?

The police officers are under the National police service (NPS) which comprises a total of 3 services. 

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These services under the NPS include the Kenya police service, Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Administration police service.

So what’s the total number of police officers in Kenya?

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According to the most recent report, there are at least 106,830 police officers in Kenya. Among the 106,830, women officers are around 17457 (that is 16% of the total number of police officers in Kenya)

Currently, the Service has 106,830 members, of which 89,373 are male and 17,457 female. Males represent 84 per cent and females 16 per cent respectively,”

As per the article, the Kenya police service makes up the majority of the NPS with 74251 officers, followed by Administration police Service and Directorate of Criminal investigations which have 26409 & 6170 officers respectively.

Kenyan communities/tribes with the majority police officers

Local news outlet, The People Daily reports that the 6 major tribes in Kenya make up the majority of officers in the NPS.

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Here are the tribes that dominate the National police service in Kenya