Tyler Mbaya Finally Opens Up Reveals Challenges As Father Few Days After Giving Birth

Baha Machachari, a dynamic young actor with aspirations of becoming a director, has left a lasting impression on the movie industry. Born in the year 2000, he is set to reach the milestone age of 20 in 2020.

Contrary to popular belief, Baha’s true brother is not Govi of Machachari, a character from the show. Instead, Baha’s older brother is Mungai Mbaya, a talented actor who graced the stage at Junction Juniors and happens to be two years his senior.

Baha openly acknowledges the challenges he and his older brother faced while growing up. The lowest point in Baha’s life was the passing of his mother, Beth Nyambura Mbaya, in 2013 due to cancer. During that time, Baha was a first-grade student at Nairobi School.

Beth Nyambura Mbaya, known for her role in the television series “Mother-in-law,” was not only Baha’s mother but also a renowned actress. Following their mother’s demise, Baha transferred from Nairobi School to Chania Boy’s in Thika to be closer to his brother, who also attended the same school.

Tyler Mbaya, a young father in town, recently welcomed a newborn with his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga. Tyler has publicly shared the challenges he encountered during this new phase of fatherhood.

While Tyler is thrilled about the prospect of being a first-time father, he admits to experiencing some nervousness as well. Parenthood brings immense responsibility, and it is difficult to anticipate the future in order to adequately prepare for it.

The arrival of a baby has disrupted Tyler Mbaya’s sleep schedule, reducing his nightly rest from six hours to about four. He advises other new parents to adjust their sleep patterns according to the baby’s needs. This entails waking up periodically throughout the night to feed the baby and attend to their sleeping position. Tyler emphasizes that although it presents significant challenges, it also fosters personal accountability in a man.