“Alisema Nazaa Kama Panya,”Woman with 44 Kids Dumped by Husband.

Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, widely known as Mama Uganda, revealed her ongoing struggle to meet the financial demands of her extensive family. This devoted mother of 44 children, ranging in age from six to 28, detailed how she tirelessly holds down three jobs to ensure the well-being and education of her sons and daughters.

Mama Uganda shared that her husband deserted her due to the overwhelming responsibility of caring for their numerous offspring. The decision to part ways stemmed from his inability to provide for the growing family. While some couples grapple with the challenges of raising a single child, Mama Uganda faces the formidable task of nurturing 44 children who depend on her daily for support.

The question arises: are all of Mama Uganda’s children biologically hers? The answer is affirmative; Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye is the biological mother of each child under her care.

In recounting her personal journey, Mama Uganda explained that she shoulders the responsibility of raising her children independently, emphasizing that her husband abandoned her. She entered into a marriage arranged by her father at a young age, with an evident age gap that precluded any meaningful emotional connection. Furthermore, her husband had four additional wives whom he provided for.

Nabatanzi’s husband, a 45-year-old man, left her because of her exceptional fertility. He could not cope with her continuous childbirth, prompting him to abandon her and the few children they already had. Mama Uganda asserted that many men only become involved in their children’s lives once they have grown up, primarily driven by financial motivations, such as potential dowry income from daughters.

Mama Uganda’s challenging journey began at a young age when she was married off to a 45-year-old man by her father. Despite facing abandonment and financial struggles, she remains dedicated to her children, working three jobs to cover their educational and medical expenses.

The story of Mama Uganda sheds light on the remarkable resilience and determination of a single mother facing extraordinary challenges, yet steadfastly committed to providing for her extensive and unique family.