I Had 3 Miscarriages For Diamond Platnumz before Aniache Hamisa Mobetto Cries Out

Tanzanian entertainer Hamisa Mobetto, renowned initially as a video vixen and later as a singer, recently shared a poignant revelation regarding her past pregnancies with Tanzanian music sensation, Diamond Platnumz. Speaking candidly on Wasafi FM’s The Switch, Mobetto disclosed the heartbreaking experience of suffering miscarriages with Diamond before their son Dylan was born.

Mobetto recounted the ordeal, stating that her first pregnancy with Diamond ended tragically while she was abroad. Subsequently, she revealed enduring two more pregnancies with Diamond, both of which ended in miscarriage before they experienced success on the fourth attempt with the birth of Dylan.

Reflecting on her journey, Mobetto articulated:

“I experienced three pregnancies before welcoming Dylan into the world. The first time, during our travels abroad, I suffered a miscarriage. Subsequent pregnancies ended similarly. However, Dylan’s arrival marked a significant turning point. Throughout my pregnancy with him, Diamond and I remained together until the day of his birth.”

Despite the joy of Dylan’s arrival, Mobetto disclosed that Diamond insisted on a DNA test to dispel any lingering doubts or rumors. Agreeing to this request, Mobetto recounted the process:

“We underwent DNA testing, with multiple tests conducted for confirmation. After weeks of anticipation, the results confirmed a 100 percent match. Despite the relief, it was a bittersweet moment, witnessing Diamond’s distress. As a mother, it pained me to see him in such anguish.”

Mobetto’s narrative sheds light on the complexities of their journey, illustrating both the resilience and challenges they faced as individuals and as a couple.